OUE Skyspace + A Journey Through Time in Film Combo Saver


This is a combination ticket that included two attractions: OUE Skyspace (including Skyslide) and the “A Journey Through Time in Film” tour

OUE Skyspace is the perfect starting point for guests to the Los Angeles area providing a stunning overview of the city’s layout, allowing you to map out other various options to be explored on your trip. We look to inspire play, wonder and curiosity as each visitor is able to see Los Angeles from a whole new perspective, 1,000 feet in the air.

A Journey Through Time in Film™ is an epic adventure through the world’s largest filming location – Downtown Los Angeles. This 90-minute fully narrated walking tour transports you into the locations of your favorite Hollywood films while also taking you inside iconic LA landmarks, old and new, including the Los Angeles Central Library (Ghostbusters 1984), CalEdison Building (Cloak & Dagger, 1984), Bradbury Building (The Artist, 2011) , Grand Central Market (Bosch, 2014), Angels Flight (La La Land, 2016), Walt Disney Concert Hall (Iron Man, 2008) Broadway Historic Theatre District (Transformers, 2007) and much more. We take you from the LA of today to the LA of yesterday including a FREE ride on LA’s historic Angels Flight Railway!

  • Chevron down Note
  • A Journey Through Time in Film Tour includes several historic structures that are exempted from ADA compliance and may be challenging for persons with strollers or wheelchairs.