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Tour Guide Solutions - Live Audio

Best features for walk in Tour given by Red Line is our unique Live Audio system

This unique low-frequency radio broadcasting system allows customers to hear our tour guides even over the most extreme city noises, such as traffic, construction noise and other potential distractions, while giving them the freedom to wander freely while enjoying the live commentary from our guides.

Customers wear an audio headset receiver that may be carried or worn around the neck, while the tour guide wears a headset microphone transmitter. Although this may resemble the types of systems used by many museums for pre-recorded tours, our tours are not pre-recorded. They are led by a live tour guide who may interact with you more easily because you can hear every word. In fact, using the headset, your tour guide is audible from a distance of 300+ feet! This gives you the freedom to linger over a detail or wander nearby without straining to hear your guide, or, perhaps, feeling that you must focus on the guide in order to read his or her lips. Guests always love this feature of our tours, commenting on it frequently.

Ideal for walk in tours with Hearing Impaired

The Live Audio system is also helpful for our hard-of-hearing guests who can adjust sound levels to their comfort. And student groups also benefit from the ease of communicating with a larger group without shouting or searching for individuals who may have wandered away.

In addition to the Live Audio system, Red Line’s plans for the future include the addition of pre-recorded tours in various languages to accommodate guests who might wish to follow along in languages other than English. Currently, Red Line does offer certain tours in Spanish and Japanese for pre-arranged groups. Please contact our tour office to make arrangements for one of these tours.

Red Line Tours is the first and only walking tour company in America to use Live Audio for all of its tours.