Los Angeles: Our Past, Present and Future

Los Angeles: Our Past, Present & Future

Benefitting the SYTA Youth Foundation

Hosted by Hal Bastian (Hal Bastian, Inc) and Tony Hoover (Red Line Tours and SYTA Board Member) 

Hal Bastian 2

What is the SYTA Youth Foundation (SYF)?
SYTA stands for Student & Youth Travel Association and SYF is the philanthropic arm of SYTA. SYF raises funds so that economically disadvantaged youth can travel with their peers. Kids may not be able to travel with their class for many reasons. It could be that the youth's family is simply financially strapped, or it may be that the family has experienced particular hardship, such as a medical crisis, that will not allow them to fund their child's participation in a planned school trip. SYF will pay for that child to travel with their peers so that they don't feel left out. You can learn more about the SYTA Youth Foundation by visiting their website at http://sytayouthfoundation.org/.

Important Event Information

  • Date:  Saturday, November 15
  • Time:  9:00am - 1:00pm
  • Meeting Location:  west end of Grand Central Market (by G&B Coffee)
  • Parking: convenient parking is located in the Grand Central Market parking structure at 3rd and Hill Streets or any of the surface parking lots nearby. Parking ranges from $5 to $10.
  • Suggested Donation:  there is a suggested donation of $75 however donations of any amount will be accepted.  We have a goal to raise $2500.
  • Payment Options:  cash or check is preferred.  Make checks payable to "SYTA Youth Foundation"
  • Short Description (see more info below):  part bus and part walking tour Hal and Tony will unfold Downtown LA's renaissance as a storytelling experience - 40 years in the making.  Along the way way we will reveal groundwork for Downtown LA's current boom beginning in the 1980's and take a peek into our future.  This tour has assembled persons and places key to Downtown's story.  
***RSVPs Required: Please reserve by email to tony@redlinetours.com to place your reservation. I will need to know your name, call back number, what amount you plan to donate, and the number of seats you would like to hold.***

Special Thank Yous

Thank you to LuxBus America for generously donating our transportation.  A special thank you to Hal Bastian for organizing. Thank you to the following participants who are giving us their Saturday to present to you.  Listed in order of appearance:
  • Kevin West with The Yellin Compay and Grand Central Market.
  • Chef Josef Centen0 with the Old Bank District.
  • Jason Deibler with the Ace Hotel and The Theatre at the Ace Hotel.
  • Andrew Meieran with Kinetescape and Clifton's Cafeteria.
  • Tom Kearns with Related Cos' The Emerson and The Grand.
  • Alex Capriotti with The Broad Museum.

The Story ....

Ira Yellin
Grand Central Market

Ira Yellin and Grand Central Square 

we will be meeting with Kevin West from the Yellin Company to discuss Ira Yellin as an early pioneer in Downtown's renaissance with his creation of Grand Central Square which include Grand Central Market, The Million Dollar Theatre and the Bradbury Building.

Tom Gilmore
Old Bank District

Tom Gilmore and the Old Bank District

In order for Los Angeles current building boom to happen many antiquated laws on the books had to be rewritten to allow both adapted reuse and mixed use projects to happen.  With the development of the Old Bank District, Tom Gilmore set the stage for a re imagining of how we live in our city and an unprecedented wave of development, not only in Downtown but across the city. Hal Bastian will speak about the Old Bank District on behalf of Tom Gilmore who is traveling.

baco mercat

Josef Centeno and Downtown as a Culinary Destination

As a continuation of our talk with Tom Gilmore we will meet with famed Chef Josef Centeno owner of Baco Mercat, Bar Ama, Orsa & Winston and partner in Pete's - all in the Old Bank District.  Chef Centeno will discuss the evolution and future of Downtown as a culinary destination.

Ace Hotel Los Angeles
Theatre at the Ace Hotel Los Angeles

 The Ace Hotel & The Theatre at Ace Hotel 

We will meet with Jason Deibler with the Ace Hotel to discuss the project and in particular the Theatre at the Ace Hotel and its role in bringing Broadway back as a live entertainment district.  Our visit will include a brief tour of the theatre.

Andrew Meieron - Cliftons

Andrew Meieran and Clifton's Cafeteria

We will meet with Andrew Meieran at the landmark Clifton's Cafeteria which for the last 3 years has undergone a multi-million dollar restoration/renovation. Andrew will discus his vision for Clifton's and its role in the future of Broadway.

the emerson 1
the emerson 2

The Emerson Apartments and Downtown's "New" Housing

We will be meeting with Tom Kearns of Related Cos at The Emerson to discuss the newest wave of housing in Downtown Los Angeles and how The Emerson differs from other types of housing developed up to this point.  We will continue our discussion with Tom on Related Cos "The Grand Project" and the SLS Hotel nearby.

the grand 2
The Grand

Related Cos "The Grand Project"

We will continue our dicussion with Tom Kearns from Related Cos on current plans for the soon to be built "The Grand Project" breaking ground across the street from the Walt Disney Concert Hall in 2015.  Designed by Frank Gehry - this multi-billion dollar development will reshape Grand Avenue and the entire north end of Downtown Los Angeles.

The Broad Museum 2
The Broad Museum 1

The Broad and Downtown as an Arts Capital

We will be meeting with Alex Capriotti with the Broad Foundation to disuss Eli Broad's vision for the soon to be completed Broad Museum.  Our discussion will include how - along with the Museum of Contemporary Art, Colburn School and Walt Disney Concert Hall - the Broad completes an overall vision for Grand Avenue as one of the worlds great civic and cultural destinations.